yoga pirate…

{October 15, 2009}   ahoy…

long ago and far away, when i was a freshman in college living with my fresh-faced boyfriend, i taught myself yoga from richard hittleman’s yoga: 28 day exercise plan , a 1969 classic i got at a garage sale…i went through, day by day, following  the step-by-step photos of the skinny blonde girl in a leotard doing what i thought looked pretty easy at first…the practice snuck up on me like ill-fitting panties…by day #9 she showed me something i had no experience with–agni sara, or what he calls “abdominal lift…”  by day 27, we are full-on doing pranayama work with alternate nostril breathing kriya technique…brilliant and accessable…

fast forward (doesn’t life seem to fast forward when you get to a certain age) to now.

setting intention for this blog…investigate local, northern colorado  yoga, get real,  and share where the treasure map takes me…

a bit about the pirate allusion…i enjoy the image, romanticized as it is, of the adventurous  high-seas pirate…they’re tough, rebellious, have tattoos, are free to roam and search for hidden treasures…and always on the lookout for the next booty score…not that kind of booty score…

tibetan buddhism sometimes refers to nirvana  as the jewel in the lotus, a hidden treasure waiting in plain sight if we only quiet the mind, follow the map and breathe…it is this treasure chest i am in search of, just like you…so, breathe.



Lisabeth says:

I LOVE it, and I love you!! so happy you’re back.

Kelly Feraro says:

Hi! Super gorgeous girl! So glad that you’ve done this! Can’t wait to catch up on all of these posts!

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