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{October 17, 2009}   holla mala..

back when i was in my early 20s and a crunchy pagan hippie chickie, i thought mantras were weird (snap).  i really didn’t understand the meaning; thought sounding out words in an ancient language was either stupid or snotty (that was probably a projection, eh?).

in doing some studying, i find that mantras are just another tool for focused meditation, a way to sharpen the mind for  quiet reflection…as i have begun to use a simple one,  it has helped me settle my mind so i can sit longer and with more connection with my breath.

i use the mantra so-ham, said so-hum, meaning I am That. i am That which is ever-present. the neutral, stable, the quiet…far from the land of samskaras.
in order to organize my chanting, i made a mala…108 turquoise-dyed agate beads with a buddha bell on the end as my guru bead with tassel…(i got that off a  wind chime).  i love it!  it has a good weight in my hand. i almost made one of cheaper wooden beads but knew i would like the heftier presence of natural stone…

mala making at the breakfast bar

mala making at the breakfast bar

i quietly chanted so-ham while i strung the beads on fishing line…it made it more of a ritual for me (being an ex-pagan grrl and all)…

what do you do to focus your mind in your sitting practice?  what mantra do you use and why?  ever made a mala?


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