yoga pirate…

{October 24, 2009}   music to calm the savage breast…

i love music…i mean, who doesn’t…music means different thing to each one of us.  some just turn on the radio, taking pot-luck from the dj’s.  others are very picky, only listening to one genre. i listen to everything from heavy metal to acoustic to alt rock and jazz…i love hip-hop and like a tiny bit of country.   it feeds me, nourishing a deep place.  i used metal to escape back in my teens.  i learned to drum world music in my thirties. and now i play music when i practice asana.

in many yoga classes, the musical sounds of sitar and chanting are ubiquitous.  i hate to be out of step here but i think most of it sounds like muzak…it literally makes me  cringe.  i often come home and shake my head saying to my husband, “great class…hated the music.”  to me it’s distracting, leaving a  bland pablum taste in my mouth.

don’t get me wrong…i like world music…i am getting a new ipod to dedicate to yoga music…i’m working on a playlist that includes such artists as mark isham, killswitch engage, oregon and u2…

here is shilpa shetty, bollywood actress, in a fun, active song video i like that is uplifting. i like the image around 1:02 that shows her  sitting quietly while others swirl around her…that is how i feel when i  use music to center myself…

i don’t always play my ipod station when i practice. sometimes i just want to quietly turn inside–life can be stimulating enough without mental noise ( and my head can be so noisy!)  other times i use music to actually center my self…i am listening but not listening, if that makes sense.  and often, just the right song inspires me to do one more down dog, plank, cobra series…even tool, one of my favorite bands, finds it’s way into the queue.

do you listen to music while practicing home?  what is on your playlist?  or do you just like to hear nothing but the breathing of the guy next to you at class?  how about the music your teacher choses? how does music affect your asanas?


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