yoga pirate…

{October 27, 2009}   fresh and tasty…

my asana practice is feeling just a tad past date, not moldy, but just a bit stale.  i start with mountain pose and a front fold chest opener…triangle to warrior II, to extended side angle….and on for about 45 minutes …i am more interested in deepening the poses i already know, investigating what my essential, basic poses bring.   i am not naturally bendy, limber, pliant or flexible…the possibility of me doing a wheel pose any time soon is close to nil.  i know my current limitations.  so i stick with what i know.

so doing some variations to my basic routine is now necessary because this week i am having a tendency to avoid getting to my mat…it’s amazing what skill i have in creating diversions or excuses.  it is pretty normal, i think.  a bit of boredom can be either a downer or a fire under my butt.   i just purchased  judith lasater’s 30 essential yoga poses…i like how it is for beginners and teachers…i have been using it to create more of a class-like atmosphere in my living room. the future teacher in me like this.  the eternal student finds it engaging.

i almost used cooking dinner as an excuse tonight.  i snuck in a 20 minute routine before i got out the cheese and corn torts and made enchilada casserole…

put a layer of green chili enchilada/burrito sauce on bottom of deep dish casserole or pie pan.  rip up corn or wheat tortillas and line the bottom.  layer spinach , cheese and chicken you’ve sauted with mexican spices like cumin and chili powder.  pour more sauce .  then add another layer of ripped torts, another layer of spinach, cheese and chicken, and add sauce.  do your final layer of tortillas, a generous layer of sauce and cheese.  bake at 425 for 20-30 minutes.  you can substitute tofu for chicken, add a layer of refried beans,  use picante salsa for enchilada sauce… that’s the beauty of a casserole–whatever you’ve got, you use…


my enchilada casserole (almost) diversion

maybe i’ll go wash the dogs now…

how do you keep your practice fresh?  how do you keep diversions to a minimum?


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