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{November 5, 2009}   $5 yoga…

poudre valley hospital where i work has a pretty strong culture of supporting physical and mental health.  right now we are in the last part of the american cancer society’s “active for life” campaign.  our oncology team is logging in all those activity points …a point for every minute of exercise.  so, for the team effort, i’ve started running again.

ten years ago i ran a half marathon in under two hours.  but then i let myself get lazy and stopped for awhile…ok, a long while.  why? it really doesn’t matter. the point is because of the active for life competition,  i’ve begun inventory on how much improvement there can always be.  (note to self:  eat more fruit.)    so i get out there most of my days off and shuffle and plod along at my 43 year old, haven’t put adidas to the road in years pace. gawd it feels good to run again.

for even more activity points i’ve upped my time on my mat.  most weeks my goal is five  hours of yoga .  in order for that to happen,  i aim for doing my home practice as well as going to my regular class on tuesdays or thursdays.  pvh offers yoga to us at five bucks a pop. this is a great price for northern colorado where the average cost per class runs around 14 shekels.

our teacher is ann.  she has studied with erich schiffmann. we are lucky to have her… her eclectic hatha class is always engaging.  the class is 1 hour with an additional 15 lucsious minutes of savasana. while it’s not a challenging vinyasa flow class, i do alway leave chill.  i don’t always need challenging.  believe you me, my job as an RN is exacting enough…tonight’s class  included work on virabhadrasana  III.  that was fun…my abs of tinfoil  didn’t think so, though.

the winner of the cancer society’s challenge gets paid time off…so you can see my motivation right there…more time off ,  more time taking care.


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