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{November 10, 2009}   i love pie…

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. family and friends gather to talk and eat.  board games, dvds, walks or watching football( go broncos) ensue.  cooking for others is a way i can say ” i love you…i’ll nourish you…i will offer you  life force energy…”(unless you eat way too much which is probably the case; so, really all i’ll give you is gas).  with this holiday there are really no commercials demanding you to enjoy  the day by being a good consumer , spending tons money, and lying to your kids about a jolly ol’ elf.  ( more about that soon…) .  you just make pie and it’s all good.

one tradition we have at our table is giving thanks.  not in formal prayer but in casually going around  and speaking our truth.  verbalizing what i am grateful for gives it power, brings it out into the light and honors the here and now.  being here now…then now…and now…each breath, every nanosecond i can clear out the noise in my brain and remember the music of silence and be grateful for that that i have the skill (at times) to inhale and exhale and be aware of that.

now, don’t get me wrong, i’m grateful for material things too.  during my 20s i had a lot of what i called “white person guilt.”  i was a poor mother on welfare for a couple of years and i was still richer than most of the world, which is not white.  so now that i own (pay mortgage on) a home, make a good living as a nurse, and have clothes and shoes and food,  i am appreciative of items, the stuff that i have. i am not ashamed any more, just deeply aware and appreciative for the luxury to do yoga, read and essentially dive into my spirit instead of having to walk six miles every day to get clean water.

i have a challenge for you.  it you blog or do facebook or twitter or whatever, post what you are grateful for every day until thanksgiving day.  or you can keep going, bringing your thankfulness out into the light of now anytime.

i am thankful for pie.even more pie



Mel says:

Yeah Pie, Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry, and ooooh, Souther Pecan. PIE, YUM!

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