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{November 18, 2009}   getting a leg up…

being a floor nurse on an intensely busy oncology floor, i am on my feet a lot.  i once wore my pedometer and found on that day i had walked five miles,  not to mention all the countless times i had bent over to do a task, lifted a patient up from commodes or boosted them up in bed.  rewarding work–yes. but also physically demanding.

one soothing pose i do after i come home from work is viparita karani, legs up the wall pose.  i take a shower, get into my jammies and put my tired dogs up the wall.  it can be done with blankets or bolsters under the lower back or without them.  this is an excellent pose for restoring tired legs and feet.  it is a nerve soother and inspires deep, relaxing breathwork.  i have seen it contraindicated during menstruation and pregnancy and for those with eye problems as well as high blood pressure.

this asana is one i often use instead of savasana if i’ve done a more restorative session.  this seems to close out my practice with a gentle punctuation.  i lie there, letting my “brain drop” as my teacher ann says.  i release my eyes into their sockets, relax my jaw and tongue and begin to watch my breath.  sometimes i breathe with a normal depth then transition to ujaii breathing  to deepen my relaxation but create wakefulness.  falling asleep happens but i want to go into the rest of my night with a second wind.

i crawl out of this pose carefully, not very gracefully, using a slow inhale to decrease light-headedness.  knowing i have treated myself with kindness at the end of a twelve-hour work day fills my reserve so that i may serve others with energetic joy.



crazybusymomma says:

gonna go try that one right now, thanks!

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